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Heartland Tax Solutions Reviews & Accreditation

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A+ BBB RAting


So thankful for the professionalism and knowledge they provided. Walked us thru, step by step. Very affordable. Would recommend to anyone. Reduced our tax debt and we finally paid off today.

Ervin L.

Good Wednesday Morning Mr. C****, First & Foremost, allow me to say THANK YOU so very much for what you have done in assisting us to finally get our Income Tax situation resolved in such a timely manner.  I can’t THANK YOU enough for being a Man of your word and doing what you promised.  We have unfairly been taken advantage of financially by so many Tax Resolution Company’s. You have lifted a heavy burden off the shoulders of my Wife, Carolyn and I.  As suggested I will instruct  the tax preparer to move forward with electronically filling our 2016


Great work, positive response and always communicating with me on my issues. Highly recommend this company and its staff.

Dr. Thomas J. M.

Anyone reading this understands how exacerbating dealing directly with the IRS can be, and regardless of who you are, how frightened and angry their treats can make you feel. It becomes an absolute foundation for keeping your sanity to have an advocate that will take control of the IRS and their legions, and to afford you peace of mind. Most importantly with The Heartland Group, you deal with people who are extremely knowledgable and forthright in their dealings with you, and they get the job done. You just cant do this alone and win to any extent, but you can

Angela A.

I received a call today 8/30/17 from Heartland Tax Solutions, and at first I just thought it was another rip off agency similar to ***** or ****** ********* ” both same company” but after speaking with Mr. Josh S********, I’ve never been so impressed.. nor did i expect to learn that not every company attempting to help with tax debt is just out to get your money, and there are still good people out there. I explained to Josh that I had spoken to Phoenix financial recently & he didn’t want to bad mouth any company, however he did inform

David M.

Excellent resolution to a very difficult and trying case. Ian was patient and diligent and secured an unlikely outcome. I’m very happy with the services Heartland provided. I will work with them again in the future – you are never really free of the IRS!!! Cheers!


My experience with Heartland was amazing. There got results for me that I never imagine would be possible. I felt connected and taken care of every step of the way. I had a lot of other companies reaching out to me to handle my Tax issues and my gut told me to stick with Heartland. I was right!

Peter M.

I would like to share my positive experience with The Heartland Group. From the moment Zane called to make me aware of the recent IRS Lien filing and how he can help all the way through the steps need to get a positive resolution with the IRS. The quoted fees by Zane were fare and better than quotes from 2 other groups I reached out to. Zane’s team also provided a very positive and professional experience including John which was my primary contact. They were quick to react to the IRS’s multiple requests and help during a very stressful time.

Brian C.

When I thought my life couldn’t get worse the I.R.S. levied a tax lien on me. The Heartland Group stepped in and helped set up a plan. Everyone at Heartland that I dealt with was kind, compassionate and professional. Within days I was back on track. I highly recommended the Heartland team to help with tax issues.

Randy C.

Did exactly what they said they would do. No complaints. Definitely recommend


They were very instrumental in providing a great deal of information and direction with my tax situation. They were extremely responsive and very informative about handling my tax situation. They were up on the latest legislative changes that helped to benefit me and my family. I appreciate their help.

Tim S.

Thanks to The Heartland Group my stress level has depleted..They work hard and get results. Thanks Tim

Mark S.

Stop looking, you’ve found the company to help you with your tax problems. I was bombarded with letters with all the same BS. Heartland gets right to the point. They speak human. Personable and responsible. The attorney I worked with and his staff were professional and knowledgeable. The whole staff tremendously calmed and settled my nerves. Heartland Group will help you, hands down.

Brian C.

Great honest service; felt like a person – not a profit center.

Diana O.

They were exquisite! I was with another legal team before them, and Heartland Tax Solutions corrected all their mistakes, they gave me the best options that fit my financial situation, and gave me a peace of mind. I would recommend them to anyone!

Donald M.

I was lost and desperate! By accident and the grace of God, I stumbled into Mr. M****** He demonstrated true concern and compassion for my delema with my tyrannical HOA. They ran up a legal bill of $225,000 over a relatively minor issue. They did this to cover up their incompetence and false statements to the Court. Mr. M***** succinctly and immediately grasped the gravity of my plight. I am forever grateful to him.

Fabian S.

So I hired another lawyer firm out of Florida called the *** ******* *******! They have since changed there name to ***** *******! (Please DONT call them!!) in March 2017 that seemed to have great reviews online.After giving them 20k to represent me with the IRS, in which the IRS was stating that I owed 500k these lawyers claimed that this was no problem they always handle big cases like mine. So I felt confident they were going to get this taken care of for me. After months and months of no contact I would try and call my advisor

John S.

I would like to personally thank the staff at Heartland Tax Solutions, specifically Monique and her team, for guiding me through my outstanding tax liability issues. As a case manager, Monique was unbelievably helpful in making me feel secure and confident in the resolution of all my ongoing issues as well as any issues that arose throughout our working relationship. She and her team oversaw my case from start to finish and made sure that no levy or seizure action occurred throughout the duration of my case. They not only oversaw my tax issues but helped straighten out other areas

Ted D.

Heartland has been great to deal with. I feel confident that my tax situation is being handled professionally and in a timely manner. I have dealt with Michelle and Charmagne they are both excellent at what they do.

Carl H.

I worked with several of the people at heartland. They were all very nice. Always willing to help and help me navigate my way through the confusing world of the IRS. One of the ones that stood out was Erin W*******. She went above and beyond and truly made me feel like she cared, and that I was in good hands. I can truly say that heartland made a difference in my life when I needed it

William K.

Words cannot begin to describe how great Heartland Tax Solutions was for me. Having just come off a bad experience with another group, these folks came to my rescue. The professionalism, communication, and dedication to resolving my case with the IRS exceeded even the most extreme expectations anyone could consider. George and Katherine were phenomenal start to finish, and my resolution was better than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend Heartland over and above the rest because I have experienced others with very poor service. I plan to continue to work with Heartland, and I would strongly recommend

Robyn H.

Jessica and the whole team has been such a pleasure to work with and has helped me out immensely!!!

Myles N.

Heartland Tax Solutions has been incredibly helpful in relieving me of my tax debt to the IRS. Specifically, Monique and Kristina make a great team and they were great to work with. They took on my case with confidence, and were always very friendly and extremely helpful. With over $100,000 in federal tax debt, they took on the IRS head on and i am now debt free, i couldn’t have done it without them. I know i could call Monique or Kristina anytime and they were always there to help. I strongly recommend Heartland to anyone with back tax issues.

Elaine J.

I have had a great experience with Heartland Tax Solutions. I am very pleased with the people at heartland that help resolve my IRS issues. Jessica and her team were good people to work with. I highly recommend Heartland Tax Solutions for your tax needs.

Kenneth M.

Kenneth M This year after an IRS Revenue Officer made a scary visit to my house, it seemed like I became the most sought after potential tax client in America. It was nerve wrecking wondering how I was either come up with almost $400,000 to satisfy the IRS or loose everything. Everyday mail poured into the house from companies across the country and constant phone calls all day long! One company assured me that I needed to work with them…why?.. because everybody does and ALL of their clients are happy. They assured me they would work out an easy payment

Darnell L.

Jessica and the team over at Heartland have been great to work with and do their best to get an arrangement that will work for your situation. It was great that they were able to communicate directly with the IRS for arrangements on our behalf!

George K.

Very helpful, considerate staff. Helped me with all my tax problems. Thank you all again. Thank Joseph Boxler and all that worked on my case. i feel like i have a new life. You’re the best.

Todd S.

Heartland Tax Solutions was a blessing for me. The team of Trent F***** & Joseph B***** took my case and worked wonders with it. All I had to do was get some papers together here & there and they did the rest. I’m very thankful for what they did!!! If you need tax help, GO HEARTLAND!!!!!


I had previously used a tax service for my issues with the IRS and came away with a positive experience, but I did want a second opinion. Heartland explained to me thoroughly about their process and I moved forward with them. There was a chance they could better my situation, but when their review was completed, they said my other service did well by me. While I have no evidence to back it up, I feel other agencies may not have been as honest and would have taken me for a bit of a financial ride. Heartland did not. They

Dale H.

I had a unbelievable experience with heartland tax solutions. Trenton F***** did an incredible job along with his partner Joseph B*****. Together they saved us nearly $ 40,000 they took the stress and worry off of us. They were great about checking in with us and reassuring us that they would be able to resolve our tax problems. I can’t say enough good things about Heartland and there incredible staff I have already recommended them to other people that have tax problems. Sincerely Dale H****

Jacqueline S.

Danny, Charmagne, and Michelle were the best team ever! They were able to get me a $7700 abatement of penalties, a new payment for both my 2017&2018 taxes for a COMBINED monthly payment $1269 LESS THAN what i was paying for ONLY 2017/monthly. ALL IN A MATTER OF 24 HRS. They saved me thousands a year and it’s allowing me to now get infront of taxes so i can pay each current year quarterly and not get behind again! I highly recommend this company and especially this team! Thank you guys for swooping in and saving the day!!

Joseph L.

I have the pleasure of being extremely grateful to Chase Richards of Heartland Tax Solutions for his help in guiding me through a recent lien placed on me personally. Chase was in ready communication with me at all hours and you just know when you are lucky enough to get someone as competent as he is. Ultimately, I dealt w an IRS representative directly as my penalties were low and probably reimbursable. The usual response to that news is either, no response back, or something distasteful. I have the utmost respect for Chase as he answered professionally and kindly, wishing

Gretchen C.

Charmagne A****** and Michelle S******** were absolutely wonderful to work with. They were extremely knowledgeable and diligent in getting successful results for me. They were always cheerful and a joy to speak with. I highly recommend them.

Jason G.

Heartland Tax Solutions is amazing!!! John, Danielle, Courtney, Emilie and anyone at Heartland that I failed to mention are incredible. I was in SERIOUS tax trouble because I trusted all the wrong people and I was faced with a huge tax bill. The government was breathing down my neck and I was scared to death. From day 1 John and his team made me feel like they were going to do their best to represent me. What I liked about their approach is that they did not promise me anything like all of the other so-called Tax consulting firms. They

Crystal M.

When I first received a call from this company I was scared but they sent me to some of the best agencies dealing with the IRS and saving my credit and trying to make sure I wasn’t getting scammed there’s not enough positive things that I can say about this company the gentleman that I spoke with gave me a number to the IRS that saved my life I am so grateful and so thankful for this company and their honesty I was told by the IRS to file a complaint against them but I couldn’t because each time I

Charles S.

The entire staff at the Heartland Group were great. They helped me work with IRS and State of Colorado resolve my tax issues very quickly while providing me the support and protection that my family and I needed. Highly recommend them to anyone who may be facing similar issues.