Payroll Services

Failure to comply with all of the State and IRS regulations can quickly result in unforeseen tax liabilities. Unaddressed, your tax problems can most certainty spiral out of control, resulting in large balances due to the government.

Furthermore, getting your payroll obligations under control can be a critical step in working towards a resolution of current taxes and preventing any future issues and liabilities. Securing a payroll service can help demonstrate to the IRS that you are focused on maintaining tax compliance as you pursue resolution of a past problem. For these reasons, The Heartland Group works closely with ADP as a premier partner to provide this much needed service and help keep our clients current and compliant on their payroll tax obligations.

Signing your business up for ADP will put you back in control. ADP takes care of calculating all of your federal, state and local payroll tax obligations and ensures your deposits are made timely and in full each and every pay period. Furthermore, ADP can provide services to assist in managing Human Resources, employee benefits and documentation storage to help all facets of your business run smoother.

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