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Heartland Tax Solution Services


David M.

Excellent resolution to a very difficult and trying case. Ian was patient and diligent and secured an unlikely outcome. I’m very happy with the services Heartland provided. I will work with them again in the future – you are never really free of the IRS!!! Cheers!

Donald M.

I was lost and desperate! By accident and the grace of God, I stumbled into Mr. M****** He demonstrated true concern and compassion for my delema with my tyrannical HOA. They ran up a legal bill of $225,000 over a relatively minor issue. They did this to cover up their incompetence and false statements to the Court. Mr. M***** succinctly and immediately grasped the gravity of my plight. I am forever grateful to him.

Peter M.

I would like to share my positive experience with The Heartland Group. From the moment Zane called to make me aware of the recent IRS Lien filing and how he can help all the way through the steps need to get a positive resolution with the IRS. The quoted fees by Zane were fare and better than quotes from 2 other groups I reached out to. Zane’s team also provided a very positive and professional experience including John which was my primary contact. They were quick to react to the IRS’s multiple requests and help during a very stressful time.

Ervin L.

Good Wednesday Morning Mr. C****, First & Foremost, allow me to say THANK YOU so very much for what you have done in assisting us to finally get our Income Tax situation resolved in such a timely manner.  I can’t THANK YOU enough for being a Man of your word and doing what you promised.  We have unfairly been taken advantage of financially by so many Tax Resolution Company’s. You have lifted a heavy burden off the shoulders of my Wife, Carolyn and I.  As suggested I will instruct  the tax preparer to move forward with electronically filling our 2016