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Representing over $300 million in client tax debt from the IRS and State taxing authorities.

About Heartland Tax Solutions

What is Tax Relief?

We know how the IRS works, how they speak, and how they’re treating you. That’s why we specialize in tax relief services for individuals and businesses, working with you to create a customized offering to fit your unique tax situation. We liaise between you and the IRS, freeing you from trying to make sense of complicated tax jargon so you can focus on more important life and business matters. When you partner with Heartland Tax Solutions, you get a customized path to financial stability, always with your security and future success in mind.



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Phase 1: Free Consultation

Start getting the tax help you need with a 100% free consultation from one of our tax professionals. 


Phase 2: Tax Investigation

We will work hard to review your finances and tax returns so we can get a roadmap back to financial health. 


Phase 3: Tax Resolution

Our white glove tax solutions services will achieve the best results and resolutions with the IRS. 

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Phase 4: Tax Education

We provide the tax education you need in order to operate a successful business and avoid the IRS all together moving forward. 

Our Services


Installment Agreements

Every tax situation is different. In many circumstances, a client may be seeking something as simple as a payment plan to address their tax debt. 

Tax Settlements

If a settlement or reduced payment arrangement is a feasible option for your situation, Heartland Tax Solutions will pursue that end to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Adjustments & Corrections

Let’s face it: the IRS makes mistakes too! Don’t pay more than you owe!

Offers in Compromise

The Internal Revenue Service and most States offer a program called an Offer In Compromise. This program allows taxpayers to make an offer to pay off less than they owe. 

Audit Reconsideration

Many small businesses and individuals are required to endure a tax audit at some point. This can be a very trying time. 

Penalty Abatements

Penalties associated with delinquent taxes and filing requirements are very high. In some cases, the penalties that have been applied to a liability can be larger than the principal tax itself.

Business Restructuring

Sometimes, tax liabilities stem from an unworkable business structure rather than an inability to make tax payments.

Holds & Extensions

Taxing Authorities can be very aggressive and appear unwilling to accommodate taxpayers in a tough situation. You need to know that your assets are safe and protected.

Levy Releases

The IRS, State and Local taxing authorities pursue collections of delinquent tax liability aggressively. Don’t allow the taxing authorities to put your business or family in jeopardy with blind levy action.


Get Your Stimulus Payment​

Heartland Tax Solutions’ Quick Guide to Help You

The CARES Act, the biggest disaster assistance program in U.S. history with an unparalleled $2 trillion recovery plan, should bring relief to people, companies, and sectors who have been struggling hard during the coronavirus crisis in the last few weeks.
We will address the most popular concerns to help you fully grasp the stimulus payments.

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Why Am I Being Audited?

Am I in Trouble?

An IRS tax audit is something that happens all the time, and it doesn't mean you or your business are in any kind of hot water. Here's everything you need to know about an audit of your tax return.
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Reviews and accreditation

Heartland Tax Reviews

We create strategies to produce the results you need.

Kenneth M.

Kenneth M This year after an IRS Revenue Officer made a scary visit to my house, it seemed like I became the most sought after potential tax client in America. It was nerve wrecking wondering how I was either come up with almost $400,000 to satisfy the IRS or loose everything. Everyday mail poured into the house from companies across the country and constant phone calls all day long! One company assured me that I needed to work with them…why?.. because everybody does and ALL of their clients are happy. They assured me they would work out an easy payment


So thankful for the professionalism and knowledge they provided. Walked us thru, step by step. Very affordable. Would recommend to anyone. Reduced our tax debt and we finally paid off today.