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It’s officially a new year and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate a fresh start to 2021. What better way to enjoy a clean slate than by resolving your tax problems?! Enter our social media giveaway for a chance to win tax resolution services, completely free of charge! It’s our gift to you. Whether you’re struggling with tax debt or fighting off penalties, we’ll take on your case at absolutely no cost. Enter to win by following us on Instagram and filling out the form below with your information. Contest ends February 15th. Winner will be contacted via phone and email.

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Our Services


Installment Agreements

Every tax situation is different. In many circumstances, a client may be seeking something as simple as a payment plan to address their tax debt. 

Tax Settlements

If a settlement or reduced payment arrangement is a feasible option for your situation, Heartland Tax Solutions will pursue that end to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Adjustments & Corrections

Let’s face it: the IRS makes mistakes too! Don’t pay more than you owe!

Offers in Compromise

The Internal Revenue Service and most States offer a program called an Offer In Compromise. This program allows taxpayers to make an offer to pay off less than they owe. 

Audit Reconsideration

Many small businesses and individuals are required to endure a tax audit at some point. This can be a very trying time. 

Penalty Abatements

Penalties associated with delinquent taxes and filing requirements are very high. In some cases, the penalties that have been applied to a liability can be larger than the principal tax itself.

Business Restructuring

Sometimes, tax liabilities stem from an unworkable business structure rather than an inability to make tax payments.

Holds & Extensions

Taxing Authorities can be very aggressive and appear unwilling to accommodate taxpayers in a tough situation. You need to know that your assets are safe and protected.

Levy Releases

The IRS, State and Local taxing authorities pursue collections of delinquent tax liability aggressively. Don’t allow the taxing authorities to put your business or family in jeopardy with blind levy action.