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You don’t need to be a tax expert – that’s what we’re here for. Every member of Heartland Tax Solutions team is dedicated to creating the right solution for every client, no matter how complex your situation may be. A thorough enables our team to fully understand your tax scenario, goals, and pain points before suggesting a thoughtful path forward. 

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Heartland Tax Solutions is dedicated to providing clients with security and effective results. Our Enrolled Agents and Case Managers work directly with clients from day one, putting their experience and knowledge to work for real results. We are committed to consistent open communications with our clients. This commitment, no matter how big or small the case, allows our clients to feel confident their interests are being protected at all times.

Installment Agreements

Every tax situation is different. In many circumstances, a client may be seeking something as simple as a payment plan to address their tax debt. This kind of resolution often involves significantly more work than one would think.


Taxing Authorities may occasionally have inaccurate figures regarding a taxpayer’s liability. This may be a result of substitute return filings, inaccurate audits, misapplied payments or human error.

Adjustments & Corrections

Taxing Authorities may occasionally have inaccurate figures regarding a taxpayer’s liability. This may be a result of substitute return filings, inaccurate audits, misapplied payments or human error.

Offers in Compromise

The Internal Revenue Service and most States offer a program called an Offer In Compromise. This program allows taxpayers to make an offer to pay off less than they owe. It requires that specific considerations be satisfied before the applicant may pursue an Offer In Compromise. Not all taxpayers will qualify for this settlement.

Audit Reconsideration

Many small businesses and individuals are required to endure a tax audit at some point. This can be a very trying time. Determinations made by the taxing authorities may fail to take into account critical information; especially if you do not have representation during the Audit process.

Penalty Abatements

Penalties associated with delinquent taxes and filing requirements are very high. In some cases, the penalties that have been applied to a liability can be larger than the principal tax itself. The IRS and most States have programs that allow for taxpayers to appeal for abatement or removal of penalties and the related interest applied to their liabilities. In most circumstances, forgiveness is contingent on providing sufficient information under a reasonable cause criteria.

Business Restructuring

Sometimes, tax liabilities stem from an unworkable business structure rather than an inability to make tax payments. Our experienced professionals have analyzed and helped hundreds of small businesses streamline their operations and adjust the structure of their operations to help ensure tax compliancy.

Holds & Extensions

Taxing Authorities can be very aggressive and appear unwilling to accommodate taxpayers in a tough situation. You need to know that your assets are safe and protected.

Levy Releases

The IRS, State and Local taxing authorities pursue collections of delinquent tax liability aggressively. Don’t allow the taxing authorities to put your business or family in jeopardy with blind levy action. Let Heartland Tax Solutions work to get the taxing authorities out of your bank accounts and into a situation where you can operate without fear of levies against your accounts or assets.

Lien Releases & Subordinations

The taxing authorities will secure their interests by filing liens against you and your assets, even if the liability figures are incorrect. Liens can severely hinder a business’ ability to operate, especially when attempting to secure credit lines or loans. Individuals are equally as handicapped.

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