Kenneth M This year after an IRS Revenue Officer made a scary visit to my house, it seemed like I became the most sought after potential tax client in America. It was nerve wrecking wondering how I was either come up with almost $400,000 to satisfy the IRS or loose everything. Everyday mail poured into the house from companies across the country and constant phone calls all day long! One company assured me that I needed to work with them…why?.. because everybody does and ALL of their clients are happy. They assured me they would work out an easy payment plan on the $45,000 it would cost me to use them. After I wasted an up front payment of $1,000 with them, I was told that the installments on the balance would be condensed into 1 month. At that point I stopped ignoring the multiple marketing calls and spoke with a 2nd firm that offered to provide “better” service for a fraction of the competitor’s price. Another $1,000 deposit later, several signatures, a coupe weeks later… same thing.. condense the balance into a really short time. I was out $2,000 and not really any further up the road, plus they drafted my account way more than what we agreed to. I kept receiving more offers through the mail and constant phone calls which I habitually ignored, until one day I decided to answer a call. To my surprise I talked to a professional at Heartland Tax Solutions. There was no fast talking, no over the top bragging about their accomplishments – just a simple discussion of how they may be able to work with me. Once I agreed to use their service was in constant email communications with Kristina. She made everything clear and concise. I was never at a lost as to what transpired, what was happening now, and what to expect next. I had a coupe of conversations with some senior management, they made me feel like I was a priority. Their price was fair and their output was the epitome of professional. I felt like I was in control of my life again. Kristina helped me get caught up on several years of tax returns. Best news ever was today! That super large bill the IRS was threatening to collect is now down to about $1,000. Somebody pinch me!! I can honestly state that everybody should have Heartland Tax Solutions in their corner!