Heartland Tax Solutions is amazing!!! John, Danielle, Courtney, Emilie and anyone at Heartland that I failed to mention are incredible. I was in SERIOUS tax trouble because I trusted all the wrong people and I was faced with a huge tax bill. The government was breathing down my neck and I was scared to death. From day 1 John and his team made me feel like they were going to do their best to represent me. What I liked about their approach is that they did not promise me anything like all of the other so-called Tax consulting firms. They are transparent, detailed and worked to build a relationship with me. I can call John Hazlett at any time and he always gets back to me with an answer. Now I am in a much better position regarding my taxes and I can actually look forward to a better future without the fear of my back taxes. I cannot recommend Heartland enough. They are just that good!