So I hired another lawyer firm out of Florida called the *** ******* *******! They have since changed there name to ***** *******! (Please DONT call them!!) in March 2017 that seemed to have great reviews online.After giving them 20k to represent me with the IRS, in which the IRS was stating that I owed 500k these lawyers claimed that this was no problem they always handle big cases like mine. So I felt confident they were going to get this taken care of for me. After months and months of no contact I would try and call my advisor Shawnee she would never answer and only return my questions via email like a week later and always somehow blame me that my case wasn’t moving forward or just tell me to make payments of 18k or 50k to the IRS in which I did, and after a year or so the IRS finally levied all my Ar accounts and my banks accounts as well, and also filed liens against me. I called my lawyer SHAWNEE and she said she had no knowledge of this to send her the letter!!!!! I was completely done and very upset that this had happened!! All along the folks at heartland soulituons would reach out to me every month to offer there services but I had always declined due to already having representation. But after the Liens and Levies I reached out to the guys at heartland and explained my problem that was needing to immediately be addressed! SEF with heartland spoke with me and told me to come to there office in Denver ASAP.since I was in Denver on business, I drove to the office on a Thursday, spoke with the team there and immediately retained there services! They told me that the levies would be removed no later than Monday,and just as promised the levies were removed Monday afternoon! Ian worked all weekend on my case to prep for the Monday call with the IRS. These guys at heartland tax solutions rock. Erin and Ian have delt with my tax situation excellently! I am extremely happy. it’s definitely money well spent in my opinion. Dealing with the IRS is scary and very unsettling!!! But knowing that I have the team at heartland on my side gives me the feeling that everything will be ok. I am extremely happy with my services and always being there to answer my calls even on weekends! I encourage anyone being bullied and harassed by the IRS to call Heartland solutions!! Sincerely Fabian