I received a call today 8/30/17 from Heartland Tax Solutions, and at first I just thought it was another rip off agency similar to ***** or ****** ********* ” both same company” but after speaking with Mr. Josh S********, I’ve never been so impressed.. nor did i expect to learn that not every company attempting to help with tax debt is just out to get your money, and there are still good people out there. I explained to Josh that I had spoken to Phoenix financial recently & he didn’t want to bad mouth any company, however he did inform me of what I already knew by doing my own research…. He didn’t give me a routine sales pitch. He was upfront and honest about what their fees were and what they covered. He was extremely informative. I explained to him of how badly in debt our business was and the financial issues we were up against all around. He then made my jaw drop with his response…” You are in no way able to hire anyone period, Your main focus needs to be staying in business”, he gave me advice on calling the IRS & what I needed to say to them regarding our situation, what type of forms I should be able to receive in order to help us temporarily during our moment of distress, along with other helpful information. He also gave me his direct line and said i could reach him 24hrs a day if i had any questions or needed advice. He was willing to help me without gaining anything in return, If we were financially capable of hiring any service right now to assist us… I wouldn’t hesitate to hire this group. Mr. S******** LITERALLY restored my faith in people. Sincerely, Ms. Angela A****** ****** ********************** I’m willing to confirm this review through email which then I will be able to contact you via telephone if needed.