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ZANE SCHULTE – President & CEO

Zane leads all functions of the company including: sales, marketing, and strategic development.  He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations for the entire organization.  Zane received his Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

BEJAN POURTEYMOUR – Executive Vice President

BJ leads various functions of the company including: accounting, human resources, and lead source alliance development.  He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations for the accounting and finance departments.  BJ received his Bachelor of Arts in business economics from the University of California-Riverside.

IAN CLARK – Managing Director of Client Services

Ian received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado, and holds a graduate degree.  For over a decade, Ian has dedicated his professional career to resolving taxpayers’ outstanding liabilities, while championing ethical representation before taxing authorities.  Often, he uses his mediation training to aide negotiations toward equitable resolutions.

SAVANAH SOLOMON – Business Development Manager

Since 2006, Savanah has dedicated her professional career to the tax resolution industry.  Savanah is responsible for overseeing the documentation and lead departments as well as recruiting for the entire organization.  She is also a member of Heartland’s training and development team.

ERIN YOGERST – Human Resources Manager

Erin currently holds the designation of Associate Professional in Human Resources from the HR Certification Institute and continues to use her expertise to ensure absolute compliance with the always changing regulatory requirements.  Erin graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature.

TRENT FOSTER, E.A. – Case Manager

Trent Foster graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s of Economics in 2007. Since that time, he has become an Enrolled Agent giving him the authority and knowledge base to negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service and State Taxing Authorities. Trent has obtained resolutions such as Installment Agreements, Offers in Compromise, Business Restructuring, Abatement of Penalties, and many other resolutions on cases with the IRS and nearly all 50 states.


Charmagne has been providing professional tax representation for over six years. Charmagne prides herself on building genuine relationships with her clients while providing achievable results for their tax liabilities. In her free time, Charmagne enjoys spending time with her three daughters and watching football.

DEBBIE GALLEGOS, E.A. – Case Manager

As a licensed Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service and over nine years of tax relief experience, Debbie prides herself on building strong and genuine relationships to help her clients resolve their tax liabilities by providing caring, honest representation during a stressful time.  When not working, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and watching the Broncos play on Sundays.

FREDERICK GILLARD, E.A. – Senior Tax Advisor

Fred is a licensed Enrolled Agent that has been working with tax payers to find amicable resolutions for over seven years. His compassionate, honest approach and quick wit helps his clients feel at ease during the negotiations with the taxing authorities. He spends his free time playing music and spending time enjoying a variety of activities in the mountains with his friends and family. Fred also is working towards his scuba dive master certification and works hard so he can travel once or twice a year for that purpose. Fred attended Metropolitan State College.

JOHN SENKAR, MBA – Senior Tax Advisor

John has over 15 years of business consulting experience providing real results for both businesses and individuals. John also has a Master’s in Business Administration and will soon begin his Juris Doctorate with focus on tax law.  In his spare time, other than hiking the mountains, he enjoys playing both the cello and piano, which he has been studying since he was five.

JOSHUA SCAGLIONE – Senior Tax Advisor

Josh has over 8 years specializing in providing exceptional, honest, customer focused, ethical and direct solutions for complex tax matters. Josh studied business and psychology at DeVry University and has spent over 20 years in corporate America providing businesses and individuals with real solutions. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, camping, traveling and spending time with his family.

SETH WILLIAMS – Senior Tax Advisor

Seth is a knowledgeable tax professional with over 7 years of taxpayer consultation experience. He is constantly striving to give each client: peace of mind, a chance to rebuild and the ability for fair representation within the eyes of the government. Seth takes great pride in bringing resolutions to individuals and businesses who are in need. Seth has a Bachelor’s of Political Science and International Affairs from the University of Colorado-Boulder.