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Heartland Tax Solution Services


Carl H.

I worked with several of the people at heartland. They were all very nice. Always willing to help and help me navigate my way through the confusing world of the IRS. One of the ones that stood out was Erin W*******. She went above and beyond and truly made me feel like she cared, and that I was in good hands. I can truly say that heartland made a difference in my life when I needed it

Charles S.

The entire staff at the Heartland Group were great. They helped me work with IRS and State of Colorado resolve my tax issues very quickly while providing me the support and protection that my family and I needed. Highly recommend them to anyone who may be facing similar issues.

Crystal M.

When I first received a call from this company I was scared but they sent me to some of the best agencies dealing with the IRS and saving my credit and trying to make sure I wasn’t getting scammed there’s not enough positive things that I can say about this company the gentleman that I spoke with gave me a number to the IRS that saved my life I am so grateful and so thankful for this company and their honesty I was told by the IRS to file a complaint against them but I couldn’t because each time I

Jason G.

Heartland Tax Solutions is amazing!!! John, Danielle, Courtney, Emilie and anyone at Heartland that I failed to mention are incredible. I was in SERIOUS tax trouble because I trusted all the wrong people and I was faced with a huge tax bill. The government was breathing down my neck and I was scared to death. From day 1 John and his team made me feel like they were going to do their best to represent me. What I liked about their approach is that they did not promise me anything like all of the other so-called Tax consulting firms. They